This glossary to know the habits and customs of Spain and especially andalusia.

220 Volts. Adapter required for English

Currency: EUR

Same time zone in France, one hour shift with England.
Nevertheless, the Spanish live otherwise (almost two-hour shift):
* Activity in the streets actually starts around 10:00 in the morning.
* Lunch is taken between 14:00 and 16:00 (see, eat only foreigners at 12:00).
* The dinner starts at 10:00 p.m.  ..... until 1:00 am.
* Bars begin to fill that around 21:30 / 10:00 p.m. and festive atmosphere around 23:30 / 00:00.
* Disco not before 2.00am.


Tips are never included in the bill of bars and restaurants.
It is customary to leave about 10% of the amount as tip.
In the restaurant, even if the bill is high, do not let more than 7 euros.




Destination Airport: Malaga (AGP Code).
As soon as you got off the plane, you should walk ... The arrival hall is long and you need to get off to retrieve your luggage.



At the airport, there are many means of transport :


Car rental (All major rental companies are present). Other local renters as Helle Hollis or Centauto or Malagacar offer more affordable rates and are usually located a few kms from the arrivals hall. Their minibus link turn all day (and night). No worries at this level.

A note though: some rental offer rates very even too attractive. In this case, you may wait more than 1:30 at the counter because many tourists have reserved themselves also: and agency staff will be quickly overwhelmed (eg GOLDCAR).

- Driving: be sure to observe the Spanish stop at all crosswalks if a pedestrian steps.
Intense network of roads and highways. toll roads very often double freeways or expressways. To recognize it, if it is a paid section will be indicated AP then the highway number, if it is a free section A will be indicated and the number of highway. (AP7 pay,  A7 = free).

Radar: reported and fixed on the back of the gantry signs or as cabins on the lower side as France fixed radars. Some mobile controls unmarked cars.
 - Train: The train is Cercania (ie operated by RENFE (Spanish railway)) that goes from the airport to one side in the center of Malaga and the other along the coast and serves the major cities to Fuengirola . Every 20 minutes. Price quite correct.